Our Classes

In St Brid’s the classes and the class groupings change year to year. This is because the needs of our enrolments can change on an annual basis.
Class groupings take into account many criteria such as friendships, preferred communication methods, physical needs, cognitive ability, preferred activities and chronological age.

All classes have a high teacher to student ratio and there is never more than six pupils in one class. The needs of the children are supported by a high ratio of SNA to student support. All classes are child centred. The curriculum is tailored to meet the profile of  the individual learner, driving them forward in areas of strength and adding focused support to assist in areas of need.

Specialist approaches such as TEACHH, PEC’S and ELKLAN are used throughout the school and programmes such as the Edmark reading programme and Numicon support particular curriculum areas. The main aims of all classes are to create comfortable learning environments where both pupils
and staff are respected so that everybody can reach their full potential.